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Help Your Child Start A Coin Collection With These 2 Coins

by Cody Day

A coin collection is a great way to help your child get involved in history, economics, and give them a sense of responsibility. To help get them started with coin collecting, you should give them a couple of great starter coins. Below are two great coins to get started with. You don't have to get a specific year when choosing a coin. The important part is that you start your child off with an unusual coin that is currently not in circulation and which will spark their interest in coin collecting.

Morgan Silver Dollar

A Morgan silver dollar is a fantastic silver coin to start your child off with. There have been dollar coins minted after the Morgan (Peace dollar, Eisenhower, Susan B. Anthony) but Morgan silver dollars were perhaps the last example of the great American dollar coin. Nowadays, dollar coins are no longer popular. However, back when the Morgan dollar was in circulation, people used dollar coins much more frequently.

The coins are large, larger than any coin currently in circulation, and have a beautiful engraving of the portrait of Liberty on the front, and an eagle on the rear.

The great thing about the Morgan ailver dollar is that they are very abundant and are not too expensive. You should be able to locate a coin dealer and find a Morgan silver dollar in excellent condition for a reasonable price, as long as it is not an especially rare minting. The three areas to look at on the coin are the front stars, the liberty headband, and the rear feathers. The portrait of Liberty should be encircled by 13 stars. If any stars are missing, then it means the coin has been worn away. Likewise, the headband should have the word Liberty clearly spelled out. On the rear, the feathers on the breast of the eagle should be clear and visible.

Indian Head Nickel

These nickels are also referred to as Buffalo nickels. The front of the coin has a beautiful engraving of a Native American in profile. On the rear of the coin is the image of an American buffalo. They are a great coin to use to start a collection because they introduce the early Native American imagery that was popular on American coinage. You will see this imagery pop up on Indian Head pennies, and the Indian Head gold pieces minted during the early 20th century.

These coins were very popular, so it is easy to find one on the collectors market, but it can be difficult to find one in pristine condition. However, it might serve as a good lesson in how to differentiate between coin conditions if you secure one in good and one in excellent condition.

When looking for one in excellent condition, make sure it has a clear portrait where the headdress feathers are clear and defined. The bison should also have clearly definable horns and fur. Also, the date should be clear. A coin that has all of these features is a coin in excellent condition.

A coin where the date has worn off, where the headdress is faded, and where the buffalo stands without a horn or fur, is a coin that has passed through many hands and has been worn away. This coin is not worth much from a monetary standpoint, but it is an excellent example of how a coin can be altered slowly though the touch of a thousand fingertips. To learn more, speak with a business like Penny Pincher Coins & Jewelry.