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Two Ways To Make Any Engagement Ring A Custom Piece

by Cody Day

When you're buying your beloved an engagement ring, you're shopping for something that he or she will wear every day, hopefully for a very long time. If you want to make the piece really special, consider a few ways to add a secret message that reflects something deeply personal about your relationship. Here are some ideas.

1.) Engrave the Diamond.

While not everyone these days is still choosing diamonds as the centerpiece for their engagement rings, diamonds are still a highly popular choice—and new technology (plus the natural hardness of the diamond) makes it possible to actually engrave a symbol or tiny message into the stone. 

Diamonds have been engraved for a long time, starting with hand tools and eventually engraving machines—but the engravings were usually limited to a certification number that could be used to identify a stolen diamond and prevent diamond switching by an unscrupulous jeweler. However, laser engraving is so delicate and fine that it's now possible to put something else that can be put on the diamond to make it personal. It won't lower the value of your diamond, either, because it can be lasered right back off if necessary (like when you pass it on to your grandchild someday, many years in the future).

There are some basics to keep in mind when engraving a diamond: 

  • Location is important. Make sure that you consider the setting you're going to use for the stone so that it doesn't obscure the engraving. Most engraving is done on the girdle of the diamond, so a halo setting won't be as wise a choice as prong or tension settings.
  • Consider symbols, nicknames, dates, or a phrase with special meaning between you. You can go with something as simple as a heart or the date you met, or you could go pull a meaningful line from a special song or poem.

2.) Get the band engraved.

The only real problem with engraving the diamond in your custom-designed ring is that space is very limited. You may also decide that the most meaningful thing to inscribe is something too personal to share with anybody who happens to have keen eyesight. In those situations, it makes more sense to engrave the inside of the band instead. 

Good choices for inside the band include both your names and the date of your engagement or wedding, pet names for each other, or a simple statement of devotion, like, "I will love you forever," or "I am yours and you are mine." If there's special line from a favorite song or a short quote that will fit that has significant meaning to your relationship, that's also a great choice.

The biggest thing to keep in mind here is that you want the font used for the engraving to be easy to read so that the message doesn't blur. There's debate over whether serif or sans-serif styles are better choices; sans-serif text is generally considered harder to read, but it also has fine edges that can be rubbed off more easily with wear. Your jeweler may have some advice depending on what exactly you want to have engraved and how tiny the print will be. 

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