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You Said Yes! 3 Simple Steps To Care For Your Diamond Engagement Ring

by Cody Day

If your significant other asked, and your answer was yes, you probably have a new engagement ring on your hand. If this is your first experience with a diamond, you might not know how to care for it. Don't worry. It's not as scary as it seems. While your new diamond engagement ring will require some tender-loving-care, these simple steps will help you keep it looking beautiful.

Keep It Safe

When it comes to diamonds, the most important thing you can remember is that they need to be kept safe. That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it. It simply means that it needs to be treated with care. First, when you take your ring off to wash your hands, or do the dishes, don't be tempted to set it on the sink. That's the easiest way to lose it down the drain. Instead, place your ring in a small dish somewhere away from the sink. You can also place it on a small chain and wear it around your neck until you're done. It's important to note that you should also take your ring off when you're going to be getting your hands dirty – especially in the yard. Dirt and grease can ruin your diamond.

Wash it Weekly

Your diamond sparkles right now but eventually it's going to get dirty. Once it does, you'll notice that the shine isn't as brilliant as it once was. You can restore the shine, and remove the dirt, by washing your diamond at least once a week. Don't use cleaning solutions that are creamy or oil-based though. You could end up with a dull film on your diamond. Instead, pour a small amount of vodka in a bowl and soak your diamond for couple of minutes. Once you remove your diamond, let it air dry for a brilliant shine. If you don't have vodka in your home, you can also use rubbing alcohol.

Take it to the Professionals

To keep your diamond ring in mint condition, you should take it back to the jeweler at least once every six months. During those semi-annual visits, your jeweler will clean the diamond, adjust the setting, tighten the prongs, and take care of any necessary repairs.

You said yes. Keep your diamond engagement ring looking beautiful year-after-year using the simple tips provided here. Be sure to talk to a jeweler, such as those at J L Jewelers, about other helpful tips to keep your diamond in perfect condition.