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3 Interesting Places To Buy Gold

by Cody Day

Gold is a commodity that many investors purchase for future financial security. While the price of gold rises and falls along with other commodities, it's intrinsic value ensures that it will always be a popular buying choice for investors.

When it comes to purchasing gold, the process is not always straightforward. There are many interesting ways to obtain gold for your household treasure chest. Here are some of the most accessible and interesting places to buy gold.

1. Live Auctions

Live auctions are those where an audience comes in person and bids on items through an auctioneer. The excitement of being at a live auction is much greater than most people have ever experienced when bidding online. When you think of live auctions, you may envision antiques, household furnishings, and rare paintings. While it's true that many live auctions do feature these items, some of the live auctions can be a rich and interesting source for buying gold.

Contact your local auction house for details about upcoming auctions. Many live auction houses print up colorful brochures that you can browse through for a preview of items that will be auctioned off. Look through the brochure for gold coins. In some cases, entire coin collections may be up for bid.

2. Estate Sales

Estate sales are a little like garage sales, except that the entire contents of the house are put up for sale. During an estate sale, members of the public are typically invited inside the home to browse through and select items for purchase.

It's common for estate sales to include the jewelry collection of the previous owners of the house's contents. Typically, you'll find this collection in the bedroom or dressing room, unless the estate sale agents have placed the jewelry on display somewhere else in the home. You can sign up with local estate sales companies and ask to be notified of upcoming estate sales in your area.

3. Pawn Shops

Pawn shops usually have a rich collection of gold jewelry in their retail stores. Their customers may have sold their jewelry for chase, or forfeited their jewelry when they failed to make payments on a loan.

You can easily browse the pawn shop's glass displays to see every piece of gold jewelry they have for sale.

These three suggestions are interesting ways to buy gold. When you buy gold in an interesting place, it enhances the joy of purchasing one of mankind's oldest commodities.