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Fun Ideas for Your Child's Birthday Party Favor Bags

by Cody Day

When you are looking for something to place into your child's party favor bag after their big birthday bash, you might go looking for candy or little plastic toys. If you'd like to include something a little different which maybe even relates to the activities of the party itself, the following are some fun ideas you could use to not only create a fun party but have a great favor bag too.

Handmade Favors

Instead of heading to the store and buying little plastic toys, you could make your own party favors at home. This is great if you are crafty and like making new things. Even if you aren't the crafty type, you could make homemade play-dough pretty easily, and most kids love playing with it. It's possible to make handmade finger paint too. If it's a girl's party, you could create friendship bracelets, beaded jewelry, charm bracelets, or necklaces. If you are a soaper, you could make custom scented and colored soaps just for them that they can use at home.

Kids Crafts

Instead of simply playing party games or having the kids sit and watch a movie, you could get them to make their own crafts. It doesn't have to be expensive or messy, and it will be a fun way to spend the party and they get to learn something new they could show their Mom when they get home. You could have the kids make their own jewelry. There are kits you can buy with easy-to-understand instructions that won't cost too much. They could also create funky and fun tie-dyed t-shirts or decorate flower pots and plant seeds to grow their own flowers. You could have them decorate their own little cookies or brownies as well. For older kids, you could have them try melt-and-pour soap making or even teach them how to make their own nail polish or cologne using simple items found in craft stores and even dollar stores.

Store Bought Favors

When you buy at the store, you don't have to settle for those little toys everyone is giving out, there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, you could create a little art pack for them filled with crayons and a coloring book and perhaps some sidewalk chalk. A lot of parents would like their kids to spend less time in front of their tablets or the video game player, so mini games, card games or puzzles would be a fun change for younger kids.

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