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Buying Jewelry for the Woman in Your Life? 4 Tips to Help

by Cody Day

Whether it's a new love interest or your wife, buying jewelry can sometimes be a difficult task. The idea of buying something that you know she'll love is often where the difficulty arises from. Don't fret. Buying jewelry for the woman in your life doesn't have to be stressful; here are some tips to help you with the process.

Set Your Likes Aside

When shopping, it's easy to keep your likes at the forefront. Make sure you don't. Remember that you are buying a gift for someone else, not yourself. Should you fail to keep this mind and put your personal style ahead, you will likely end up with a piece that you like more than she does, which defeats the purpose. However, if you find a piece that you believe you will both like equally, that is fine.

Look at Her for Clues

Look at her to see what she loves. Spend a few days watching what she wears, especially her jewelry selection. This won't just help you determine what type of style to look for, but also what types of pieces she prefers. For instance, if you never see her wear a necklace, but she wears a different bracelet every day, this could be an indication that she doesn't really like necklaces, so it would be a safer bet to buy her a new bracelet.

Think Meaning

Try to look for pieces that aren't just stylish but that also have a meaning behind them. For example, if your wedding colors were black and silver, buying a piece fashioned in these colors can speak to the day the two of you joined in love. You can keep this same train of thought in mind when it comes to shapes used in the jewelry design as well. Even if she isn't a huge fan of the piece, when you share with her the meaning behind it, she will probably instantly fall in love.

Talk to Friends

When all else fails, don't hesitate to call in extra help in the form of friends and family. If your significant other has close friends that she talks to often or shops with, they may know something about her personal style that you may be unaware of or simply have not noticed. Fill them in on the secret and ask them to help you make the right selection.

When buying jewelry for the special someone in your life, take your time to ensure you're purchasing a timeless piece.