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Tips For Caring For Your Sea-Themed Pendant

by Cody Day

For those that love spending time near the ocean, a pendant that incorporates elements from the ocean can be one of your favorite accessories. If you have recently purchased one of these pieces of jewelry, you might not be aware of the steps that need to be followed to properly care for them. Therefore, you might want to utilize several tips to make sure that your pendant is in the best condition possible.

Saving The Cleaning Instructions

It can be common for sea-themed pieces of jewelry to contain bits of organic debris, such as seashells. Unfortunately, many people may not consider this when cleaning these jewelry items. Using acidic or otherwise harsh cleaning agents can cause serious damage to these items through etching or discoloration. Due to these issues, you will want to make sure that you only use cleaning agents that are compatible with the materials in your pendant. Luckily, these pieces of jewelry usually come with these instructions. In order to make sure that you can always find these instructions, you should consider scanning them and saving them to your computer.

Store The Jewelry In A Dry Area

Excessive moisture exposure can be very damaging to these pendants. High humidity levels can result in the pendant developing condensation. Some of the metals that are used in these accessories can develop corrosion if exposed to moisture for prolonged periods of time. Also, this condensation can degrade the protective finish that protects any organic materials that are used in the pendant. Therefore, you should always store these pendants in jewelry boxes that can hold humidity control packets, as these will remove moisture from the air around the pendant before condensation can develop.

Have It Serviced If You Notice Parts Of The Pendant Coming Loose

If your pendant incorporates numerous small components, it can be possible for these items to gradually come loose over the years that you own the pendant. Sadly, this can place these components at a higher risk of falling out, which could ruin the look of your pendant. Fortunately, jewelers are usually able to reset these components so that they are securely held in place. Some individuals will delay having this work done because they may think that the piece is only slightly loose. However, it is possible for this problem to rapidly worsen, which could lead to the loose piece completely detaching from the pendant relatively quickly. Therefore, you should make sure to have this problem serviced as soon as it is possible for you to do so.

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