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Four Unique Ways To Present An Anniversary Ring To Your Spouse

by Cody Day

When it comes to giving your spouse an anniversary ring, the presentation can make the gift seem even more special. If you want to give your husband or wife an anniversary ring, here are some great ideas you can use to show just how much you truly care.

Ring Bearer Pillow

You can recall the magic of your wedding day by tying the ring to a ring bearer pillow. If you still have the pillow from your wedding day, take it to a dry cleaner to have it professionally cleaned. You can then add new ribbon in the traditional color that corresponds with the anniversary you are celebrating. You can also purchase a new pillow to add to your spouse's collection of mementos. Consider wrapping the pillow for a layer of surprises, or simply present the pillow at dinner for a memorable addition to your evening.

Jewelry Box

Having a new jewelry box gives your husband or wife a perfect place to store new pieces of jewelry, and adding an anniversary ring adds a wonderful way to add to his or her jewelry collection. You can choose a beautiful piece from a local store, or you can order a musical jewelry box that plays your favorite song as a touching tribute to your love. Musical jewelry boxes are available for purchase online, but you can also ask your jewelry store to help you locate the perfect design as well.

Wedding Ring Box

If your spouse kept the box from the engagement ring or anniversary band you purchased, consider giving it new life with the anniversary ring you select. You can get down on one knee all over again and propose even more years of wedded bliss together, or you can simply wrap the box for your special day. Your spouse may be surprised to see the old box underneath the wrapping  paper, but that surprise will pay off once the box is opened.

Chocolate Box

For a delightful surprise your spouse may not see coming, purchase a gift box of his or her favorite chocolates. Remove the chocolate in the center of the box and replace it with the engagement ring. For this idea, you may want to place a small piece of velvet or another type of luxurious fabric underneath. The fabric can help keep the ring in place while adding a beautiful finishing touch to your anniversary gift presentation.