Finding Better Jewelry

Are You Giving Your Wife A Sentimental Gift Of Jewelry?

by Cody Day

Is a special occasion in your wife's future? Perhaps she's turning the big 4 - 0. Or maybe you are celebrating a special anniversary. No matter the occasion, if you are wanting to give your wife a sentimental gift of jewelry, have you already obtained it? Is it already gift wrapped? If so, you are more than likely happy to have accomplished what you know will make your wife happy.

On the other hand, maybe you haven't secured the jewelry item, let alone wrapped it. With that in mind, from choosing the right piece of jewelry to arranging for jewelry repair, here are some ideas that might help you.

Select The Jewelry Item

Consider what your wife loves most. For example, is she a romantic type who would love an intricate, antique brooch? Maybe your wife is a traditional gal who would love something like a string of pearls. Or maybe she's a sport-minded person who would like a watch that she can wear even during her toughest workouts. 

Consider where you'll shop for the jewelry you'll be giving your wife. For example, maybe you'll find intricate antique jewelry at an estate sale. Are you on a bit of a tight budget? Don't hesitate to check out a pawn shop where you might find anything from a gold bracelet to a beautiful string of pearls. And if you're on the lookout for a sporty watch, go right to the store where you buy your other athletic items. 

Arrange For Jewelry Repair

If you find exactly what you want at an estate sale or at a pawn shop, but that item has needs repairs, don't fret. A professional jewelry repair worker will have the training and the experience to know just how to make the jewelry piece like new.

Say you found a gorgeous cameo brooch or a hand-painted porcelain pin, but the catch mechanism isn't in good working order. A trained jewelry repair person will have the skills to repair that catch mechanism. He or she might suggest an entirely new catch mechanism to replace the old one. If so, one that will complement the antique design will be used to replace the broken one.

Maybe you found beautiful earrings, but they are not designed for use in pierced ears. That's not a problem.The jewelry repair person will more than likely change the backing on the earrings and convert them into pierced earrings.