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Tips For Creating A Bohemian Look

by Cody Day

The bohemian style never truly falls out of vogue. Boho style has its roots in the hippie culture of the '60s and '70s, combined with a tad of artistic flair and lots of international influence. It incorporates varied, flowing textiles, earth-friendly natural fabrics, and pops of color in all the right places. The following are a few tips for developing your own unique look within the bohemian style framework.

Tip #1: Fabrics matter

Fabrics play a key role in developing a boho look. Aim for natural fibers, like cotton, wool, and linen, over man-made synthetics. Fabrics should be pleasant to touch and they must hang well. Avoid stiff fabrics and instead err towards their thinner, more flowy counterparts. Fabrics that seem to float, like cheesecloth, are preferred over thick, stiff wool or heavily lined cotton skirts and jackets. Burlap, jute, thin cotton, and light merino wool also can work well for a bohemian look. In winter, touches of leather and fur, both real and synthetic, can work with a boho look.

Tip #2: Don't be afraid to layer

You can't really pull off a boho look unless you layer clothing. Instead of a single thick sweater and jeans, layer a fitted tunic with a scarf or two and pair it with a loose, flowy skirt. A second scarf, tied loosely around the waist sarong-style, can complete the look. Layers are often what make the boho look, which should really be thought of as a celebration of textures and fabrics all layered together in a manner that is pleasing to both the eye and the touch.

Tip #3: Use prints sparingly

Since the bohemian look uses so many layers, fabrics, and colors in a single outfit, prints are generally understated. Usually, solid colors or gentle color variations are preferred over obvious prints. The cultural influences on this style are most obvious in the prints. Soft tie-dyes, batiks, and ombre-effect fabrics work well with this look. When prints are desired, avoid pairing printed items and instead choose a single print as a focal point. Small prints, like light florals or simple polka dots, are preferred.

Tip #4: Accessorize well

If layering is the cornerstone of the bohemian look, then accessories are the finishing touch. Wide leather or jute belts holding all those flowing layers together are popular, in part because they give otherwise shapeless garments shape. An armful of sparkling thin bangle bracelets is preferred over a single chunky statement piece. Long pendants, often layered just like the clothing, add to the flowing nature of this style. The ears are often where the main jewelry statement is made. Large hoops are both delicate and bold. Consider something unique, such as moonchild hoop ear jewelry. A moonchild style often features a dangling moon, in the phase of your choice, in the center of the hoop. Or perhaps it will have small moonstones set into the hoop itself.

From flowing tunics to the perfect hoop earrings, the bohemian style can help you channel your inner earth child into a fashion statement.