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Wedding Bands: To Match Or Show Personal Style

by Cody Day

So, you finally found the one — the one you want to spend your life with. You have found the person who inspires you to be your best self, yet completes you in a way you never thought possible. Wedding bells are ringing in your ears, and yet you have missed a step. It's time to get engaged. Getting engaged is an exciting time where you get to tell the world that you have finally found your person. Do you know what everyone says as soon as you announce your engagement? "Let me see your ring!" Wedding bands are a beautiful way to show love and commitment to your spouse, and a visible reminder of the promise you have made. Most couples seem to focus on the bride's ring, and yet whatever the lady gets, an inherent question arises: should the groom get a ring to match or one that shows his personal style? Let's jump into the pros and cons of both.

Matching Bands

Couples through the ages have loved the symbolism of matching rings. A gold or silver band on each individual's finger is a sign to the world of commitment. When the spouses have rings that match it feels like a tribute to two people becoming one. They are unified through wedding bands. Sometimes you can even tell who is married to who, just based on the style of the metal. Getting matching bands in today's world seems to show a devotion and love that will last through the ages.

Personal Style

Personal style, on the other hand, is practical. Sometimes getting a very serious, formal band is not what you want to see on your hand day after day, year after year. Having a ring that matches with that of your spouse can sometimes feel like you are losing yourself. Many modern couples have chosen to forgo with tradition and get a ring that fits their personal style and aesthetic. This does not mean they are any less committed to their spouse. After all, they are still showing that they are in a committed relationship. 

Ultimately, the choice to match or be unique is yours. Talk to your spouse about your style as a couple, and decide accordingly. Some couples get matching formal rings, and then cheaper individual rings to wear to work and the gym. There are no rules, so just do whatever you feel best about. No matter what you and your partner decide, make the decision together.