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Are You About To Pop The Marriage Question To Your Sweetheart?

by Cody Day

Is your sweetheart expecting your marriage proposal, or will it be a surprise? Assuming you have already decided the rest of your life together, the next step is actually slipping an engagement ring on your significant other's finger. Maybe you are a little puzzled about what kind of an engagement ring to select. Read on for some ideas that might help you to buy a ring that will be a treasure forever. 

Obviously there are many styles of engagement and wedding rings that you can take out of the jewelry store that very same visit. However, have you considered selecting a custom engagement ring? After all, your sweetheart is one of a kind, so shouldn't the ring also be a unique one? When you and a ring designer work together, he or she will help you to create the perfect ring. Considering your sweetheart's personality will help you choose the best ring design.

A Classic Style - Does your girlfriend love classic styles in fashions? Maybe her fashion idols are women like Audrey Hepburn and Princess Grace of Monaco. If that's true, go with a very traditional design for the engagement ring design. For instance, a stunning larger diamond with three smaller ones on each side of the large one would probably be very well received. Platinum would be a good choice for the metal base.

​A Contemporary Style - Maybe your sweetheart loves the very latest in fashion, always making a statement in her wardrobe choices. In that case, go with a contemporary setting for her engagement ring. Go with a very simple band, either yellow gold or white gold, and one single perfect diamond. A plain wedding band will complement a solitaire diamond engagement ring.

An Eclectic Style - Does your girlfriend love a bit of drama in the way she dresses? Maybe she dazzles everybody by wearing outfits that nobody else could carry off. If that's a pretty good description of your sweetheart's style and personality, consider going with an Art Deco engagement ring design that might even have her birthstone as part of the ring's design. 

No matter which style of engagement ring you select, the ring designer will help you to select quality stones . In addition, the designer will work with how much money you can spend on the ring. If the sky's the limit, go for it. If you're on a tighter budget, the designer can still help you to give your fiancée a ring she can be proud of.