Finding Better Jewelry

Custom Jewelry Ideas To Consider For Your College-Bound Teen

by Cody Day

When you're a parent, it can be challenging to watch your child leave for college — especially if the college is a significant distance away from where you live. While this can also be an exciting time for your family, there's no denying that you'll miss your teen and they'll miss you. There are many gift ideas that parents give their college-bound children, but one idea to think about is custom jewelry. Well in advance of your teen's departure, you should brainstorm some ideas, discuss them with a local custom jewelry professional, and then order something special. Here are some options that you might wish to pursue.

State-Shaped Jewelry

If your child will be attending college out of state, a custom piece of jewelry that offers a reminder of their home state can be a good idea. There are several options to consider, but one idea is a necklace pendant that has the shape of your home state. For a custom touch, consider a small heart positioned approximately in the location of your hometown. The pendant doesn't have to be large; some teens enjoy wearing jewelry that is on the subtle side, so consider your teen's preferences when you order this piece of jewelry.

Geographic Coordinate Jewelry

Another piece of custom jewelry that you can order for a teen who is moving away to college and who may feel a little homesick is a piece of jewelry that contains the geographic coordinates of your hometown. There are many pieces that you can consider — a necklace pendant can certainly work, but a bracelet or even a ring can also be a good option. Geographic coordinates appear as a series of numbers with a letter, such as "N" for "north." This message can be a special one for your teen, who can simply look down at the jewelry and think of the people back home who love them.

Course Or Sports Jewelry

Your child may have a particular area of specialty in their studies. For example, perhaps your child earned high marks in science in high school and will be studying science in college. A custom piece of jewelry that relates to this area of study can remind your teen of their academic prowess — something that can help them to believe in themselves. One option is a necklace with a pendant that is shaped like something that relates to science — perhaps a molecule shape. Or, if your child will be attending college on a sports scholarship, a pendant with a soccer ball, basketball, or football can be appropriate. For these, a custom engraved message on the rear of the pendant can be special.