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Best Practices For Jewelry Web Design

by Cody Day

Your jewelry web design says a lot about the level of professionalism your business offers. Clients create connections between visual images on your website and their perception of your business. If your website looks unorganized, you may give a bad impression to your clients. For that, you are better off if you observe jewelry web design best practices. Read on to discover various best practices for your jewelry website.

Inspirational Messages and Calls to Action

Your website shouldn't only contain photos and prices of jewelry. You could use inspirational messages to change a browser to a shopper. For instance, you could put a banner with a happy couple displaying a ring on your home page. Pair the banners with a call to view more, shop, explore offers, etc.

Deploy calls to action (CTAs) in carts, contact pages, product pages, and other crucial locations. Jewelry calls to action are meant to teach, engage, and delight. Instead of bland and obvious messages, go for something unique, e.g., find the perfect necklace, book a personalized appointment, etc. With excellent CTAs, you increase lead generation and encourage in-store visits.

A Simple Layout

Distractions aren't a good idea in jewelry web design. Even slight distractions could push a potential customer away or end a purchase before the buyer finalizes the process. The main focus of a simple website should be your merchandise. Whereas you can add a few banners and messages to market your business, you should only let them pop in a few times.

Include simple navigation options and simple fonts for texts. A simple design without excessive pop-ups and ads provides a clutter-free experience for your clients. Also, keep your background colors plain and coordinate with your business colors.

A Clear Site Navigation

If you have great content with a poor arrangement, the value of your content significantly decreases. Most visitors are likely to abandon your website if they find it hard to navigate. But, if your menus and navigation options are clear to follow, your clients will have an easy browsing experience.

Also, your clients and potential clients should easily find links to crucial information—contact form, phone number, operational hours, etc. Notable places to put the links are your website's right side and footers. Please don't make your clients dig for basic information, as this may drive potential buyers away.


Don't hesitate to contact professional jewelry design services if you plan to take your jewelry business online. An excellent jewelry web design links you to many customers and potential partners. So, ensure you put all the best practices into action for a hassle-free experience for your web visitors.

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