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Three Things To Do With Antique Jewelry

by Cody Day

Many jewelry stores carry a selection of antique pieces, which can be fun to browse if you appreciate the unique look of jewelry from several decades ago. Antique jewelry comes in many different forms. You'll often see necklaces with elaborate pendants, rings, bracelets, and more. When you shop for one or more pieces, it's useful to think about what you want to do with whatever you buy. You have a number of options, including these three ideas.

Wear It

A popular option to consider is to wear whatever pieces of antique jewelry you buy. While you might be tentative to wear something so old, you can usually expect that the jewelry store that is selling the piece will have carefully assessed and repaired it to ensure it's suitable for wear. For example, if you're looking at an old ring, there's a good chance that a jeweler at the shop has repaired the claws that hold the gemstone in place. These claws can often weaken or become damaged over time, potentially causing the gemstone to drop out. You can talk to a jeweler to learn about the condition of a particular piece of antique jewelry. Knowing what repairs have been made will increase your confidence about wearing it.

Display It

If you like the look of antique jewelry but you typically dress in more of a modern style, you may still wish to pick up one or more pieces for your home. It can be fun to think about displaying what you buy in different ways. For example, if you have a cozy room in your home that has a vintage style, antique jewelry can be a good decorative element. You can take a necklace with a stylish pendant to a custom framing shop, have the framer choose a frame and mat that complement this piece, and then frame it for you. Hanging the framed piece of jewelry on the wall will augment the unique style of the room.

Store It

You might occasionally find pieces of jewelry that you don't wish to wear or display, but instead choose to hold onto as an investment. For example, you might like the idea of occasionally picking up these pieces when they're a good deal, especially if you expect that they'll increase in value in the years ahead. If you have children, the idea of leaving them a valuable collection of antique jewelry several decades from now may appeal to you. You can buy certain pieces and keep them safe in a jewelry box in your home.

For more information, contact a store that sells antique jewelry near you.