Finding Better Jewelry

The Why's, What's, Where's, And How's Of Jewelry Repair

by Cody Day

Why should you choose a professional jewelry repair—and where can you find this specialized service? Whether your watch won't keep time, your engagement ring is suddenly too small, a clasp broke on a bracelet, or your favorite bauble has damage or serious signs of wear, take a look at the why's, what's, where's, and how's of jewelry repair services.

Why Pick A Professional Service?

Some types of damage or wear may not seem like major issues. But this doesn't mean a do-it-yourself fix is appropriate. While a DIY repair may seem like a money-saving idea right now, it could potentially cost you more in additional expenses or ruin a favorite piece of jewelry.

A jeweler or repair professional has the knowledge, skills, and experience to assess damage or wear and select the best fix for the problem. Not only are pros knowledgeable, but they also have the right tools for the job. Without the correct instruments and equipment, you could accidentally break a delicate chain, clasp, or another part of the piece. 

What Types of Issues Require A Professional Repair?

There's no definitive list of problems that should send you to a jeweler. Again, damage and wear are the top culprits behind jewelry-related issues. But these aren't always the only reasons to visit a jeweler. A repair pro can resize a ring, replace watch batteries, and make design changes. This means a skilled jeweler could potentially reset a stone in another piece of jewelry, add/subtract pieces of parts, or turn one item into a new one. 

Where Can You Find This Type of Service?

Jewelry repair is a specialized service that every jeweler or retail store may not offer. Even though a retailer may sell rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other similar pieces, they may not also offer repair services. It's possible that the store or jeweler who sold you the piece that now requires a repair doesn't have the skills or training to fix the damage/wear. A professional repair should only come from a jeweler who offers more than just sales or design services. 

How Should You Choose A Repair Service?

After you narrow down the choices and remove jewelers who only sell or design pieces from your list, it's time to select one repair professional. Before you agree to a service, ask the jeweler for more information about their background, experience, and the work they do. Some repair professionals may have before/after photos that show off their skill level. You can also ask for references or talk to friends, family, or other people who you know about their experiences with a specific repair pro.

Reach out to a jewelry repair shop for more information.